Soldering A Copper Pipe

At Direct Gas Heating, we not only provide a huge range of professional services and tips to our clients, but we also give you easy to follow instructions that can make your life much easier to manage. If you think you can take on the job yourself then by all means use our step-by-step guide on how to carry out the job, but if you feel like you need more help or assistance in the getting the job done then don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can be there when and where you need us, providing a steady and simple service that will save you time & effort. Our tutorials can help you save some money if you feel that you can take it on yourself, and can help you avoid a troublesome problem down the line if you let it fester and don’t deal with it right away.

How To Solder Copper

Soldering a copper pipe can be a bit of a pain even for an experienced craftsman, especially if you miss out some of the vital preparation steps before actually getting started. If you need to deal with a bit of rogue piping, follow this simple and effective step-by-step guide on how to solder a copper pipe. If you want to avoid wasting piping or causing some damage elsewhere by not doing the soldering, then follow these simple tips & instructions on how to carry out the job to a simple, easy & professional level.

  1. First off, get some wire wooling – you can pick this up from a huge variety of different stores & online so finding some wire wool should not be an issue for you. Start to clean out the pipe as thoroughly as you possibly can using some wire wooling. Don’t be shy, as you want it to be as clean as possible for the next part of the job
  2. Now, take the piping and make a mark on where you will begin the cutting process to begin with. Use a little plastic grip when making the cuts to balance the piping like the video shows above – this makes getting accurate markings much easier, and saves you trying to carry out some kind of balancing act that could lead to poor accuracy in your markings. Now, apply your flux as shown above in the video
  3. Continue to clean off the other parts of the pipe that ou can see, and take the small piece of piping with the flux included. Fit the small piece of piping on with as little resistance as possible, and make sure it’s facing towards the first part of piping that we worked on – you should now be able to fit the piping together again
  4. Now, you want to apply the heat with your blowtorch and start to melt in the solder to keep the piping in place – this can take a little while but roughly the length of the burning within the video should do the trick. If you have any concerns about taking on this part then do contact us – it can be quite tricky!
  5. Clean away any excess that was left over from the solder job using the wire wool, so that you leave a clean and finished look on the copper piping – you don’t want to leave a bad looking job, do you?