How To Drill A Tile

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Drilling a tile can be necessary for a wide range of reasons, but without the right application and style you can do some serious damage to the tile. You can crack it and weaken the integrity of the tile, requiring repairs or a replacement.

If you want to avoid these costly mistakes, then make sure that you do the right thing and follow these simple instructions & tips to make sure you do the job properly!

  1. Make sure that you use a sharp masonry drill piece – when you are actually going to be drilling the tile, make sure that you use two hands! In the video above we use one hand, but it’s far less accurate and it was only so we could use the camera. Make sure you give yourself the accuracy and stability you need to make the right incision in the tile – inaccuracy can ruin the tile
  2. Start your drilling process at a 45 degree angle, and ensure that the drill is not on hammer. As you start to drill the tile, you will wear away the shine on that area, and as the shine starts to chip off you can start to slowly straighten up your drill as the video shows above. This will make a much cleaner cut on the tile and save any cracking or damage elsewhere on the tile as you go
  3. Use moderate pressure when you finally get through the shine and are totally straight, and continue to drill until you make the necessary incision. Again, always use two hands. Once you are through the tile, then drill the wall in behind on hammer – this will create a smooth and clear incision in the tile without any cracking or damage on either side, and leave an expert finish without any hassle or replacements required!

Struggling with this at all or feel like you need more professional assistance to get the job done right? Then contact us and we can help you get the right quality of finish, or give you more detailed assistance on how to complete the job properly.