What is Power Flushing?

There are a number of different terms for power flushing, but it all boils down to the same process and the same method. Though sometimes the equipment varies and we have our own piece of equipment to handle the job. At its very core power flushing is the process of cleaning out a central heating system by blasting cold water through the pipes at a high velocity, but using a low pressure so as to not damage the pipes. It’s pumped at a speed much faster than your system could do on its own and is designed to get rid of those nasty bits of sludge and scale that refuse to go away. To make the process even more effective cleaning agents are used in the mix forced into the pipes.

The process is rather simple but is still best left to the experts. The equipment is attached to the central heating system and it then pumps water through the pipes at a high speed and also uses the water from your own water main. All of this water going in to and out of the system, at the speed and pressure it does, causes a lot of the grime built up in the pipes to come loose and go through the pipes on its own where it finds a new home in the equipment, out of your pipes.

Specialised Chemicals

After this initial power flush the cleaning solution is applied to the water going through the pipes. This new solution helps break down and get rid of any other niggling grime and muck that was too small to be smashed away by the initial blast. All in all the initial blast gets rid of the larger chunks and then the cleaning solution cleans up the rest of the mess. After all of that each radiator is cleaned individually to make sure absolutely everything is nice and clean.Fernox-Chemicals

There are more details and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have, but that is the long and short end of power flushing your system. There are a large number of benefits to having your boiler and system power flushed. The main one to keep in mind is that it’s a really important procedure. If you don’t have your boiler power flushed, and it breaks down, then you aren’t covered by your warranty anymore.

So if you think that your boiler or heating system is in need of some repair, but you can’t find the actual problem, consider a power flush. We’ll be happy to tell you as well if we feel your system even needs one. All of the people who work for us are very qualified professionals you can trust to take good care of your heating system. By the time the power flush is done it will be like your system is brand new and you’ll be enjoying fresh, hot water in no time.