Boiler Fault Codes Explaned

One of the most important parts about having a safe and warm house is that you have fully functioning equipment. Your boiler is one of the central parts of running a clear and well running home, and the biggest issue for most people is that their boilers can soon become an incredibly irritating source of funds that just keep going out of the house. Especially in the winter, your boiler is going to cost you enough money without irritating breakdowns.

When a boiler breaks, it typically gives you a fairly cryptic error code as well. This can be an absolute nightmare leaving you with nothing more than a few digits to go on when trying to find a solution. Unless you read the manual from page to page, you aren’t likely to find anything too useful about the solution just by reading the fault codes – they aren’t exactly explained for newbies within the manual.

However, we’ve put together a master list of boiler fault codes for various boilers. We provide you with a more detailed description and give you something else to go on that might help you find a solution yourself. We try to provide as much information and advice about each solution as we can, but if you do want to get some professional help then just give us a call – we’d be more than happy to help you get things back to normal running order.

Check Out Our List

If you want to make sure that your home is safe, secure and a lot of fun to live in, without costing you a huge amount every month, check our fault lists below for more information on how you can stop your boiler from costing you more than it should. These fault codes are usually fairly easy to sort or at least find help for once you know what they stand for.

With Christmas just around the corner you don’t want to be running around dealing with boiler problems and other irritating problems like this – instead, use these fault codes to get a quick solution or to make sure that your house is getting the support and assistance that it needs to avoid the bills hitting a stupid fee later.

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