LPG Commercial Manchester

LPG, or liquid petroleum gas, is a fuel type that’s often perfect for commercial settings. If you want to go about using it in your business, you’ll first need to understand it.

Does your business use LPG commercial Manchester? If not, it’s something you want to consider. Rather than using mains gas that’s piped into the building, you instead use LPG, that comes to the building on cylinders or is stored in tanks on site.

Many commercial buildings use it as it’s seen to be a cleaner burning fuel than fossil fuels. This is important, as many businesses are aiming to reduce their carbon emissions. It’s also the best fuel for businesses that are on the move. Food trucks and similar businesses can’t stay connected to mains gas, so they need a way to take their fuel with them. LPG is perfect for this.

LPG Commercial ManchesterInstallation, Service, Repair

If you aren’t using LPG already as a business, then you need to look into installation, service, repair. These are the three things that are vital for any building. Firstly, your building will need a boiler than can convert LPG into energy. Some boilers can be converted to run on LPG, but others will need to be replaced. Speak to your LPG installation team to see what they can do.

Look for a team that not only will install the boiler for you, but offer servicing and repair as well. Many can offer you plans where these are paid for in advance, so you can set up appointments for servicing in time. This is important, as many safety practices will require you to do this. There are other advantages to setting this all up too, as you’ll see.

Boiler Installation

When you’re ready for LPG boiler installation, you’ll need to consider whether you want to buy LPG in bulk and keep it in tanks, or buy it in cylinders. If you’re a static business, then you can have a tank installed to house the gas as you use it. If you’re a business that needs the gas on the move though, cylinders are going to be the way to go.

Once you know what kind of gas storage you’ll use, you can then have your new LPG boiler installed. Choose a reputable business such as ourselves to install it, and the process will be quick and easy.

Boiler Service

It’s important that you book a boiler service every year for your LPG boiler. These will help you get the most out of them, and catch any issues before they get worse. You can usually book a service through the same company that installed the boiler for you. This is usually the best way to do it, as they’ll have all the records on it and it should be easier for them to do the inspection.

A service will be advantageous to you as not only does it make the boiler safer, it also makes it more efficient. That means you’ll be using less gas overall, and so keeping costs down. That’s always important when you’re looking to reduce overheads.

Boiler Repair

Has your LPG boiler developed a fault? Not a problem, as you can call in a boiler repair service such as ourselves. We will be able to come in as quickly as possible, and find out where the problem lies. Again, this is why it’s such a good idea to find a team that can do installation, servicing and repairs. If something has gone wrong with your boiler, then  it’s a good idea to have a team that have been working on it since it was installed. It makes the whole process a lot smoother. 

Gas Safety Inspections

Another important aspect of owning a business is annual gas safety inspections. These are required by law in some cases, such as by landlords for all their rental properties. You’ll need these whether you’re using mains gas or LPG for your commercial structure.

It’s vital that you don’t skip these inspections, as you’ll need the paperwork to show that your boiler and all gas using appliances are safe. We can offer this service for you, at a very affordable rate. We’ll come in a check everything over, making repairs if needed to make everything up to code.

 Air Handling Unit Maintenance

Another important aspect of your premises is the air handling system. This is what will ensure that there’s proper ventilation in the building, so you’ll have good air quality. When using any type of gas, it’s vital that your AHU is in good condition.

Like all systems, it will need some maintenance over time. The ducts can start accumulating dirt and dust, and the fans can get dirty too. As this builds up, the system can’t work as well as it should. Just as you would with your boiler and gas systems, you should book regular air handling unit maintenance too. This will ensure all dust and dirt is cleared out, and allow the system to work and full power again.

Warm Air Heater (Floor Standing/Suspended Heater) Repair, Installation Service

There are many things your business will be using LPG for, and heating is just one of them. Like all gases, it can be dangerous if mishandled, so you need to take good care of them to keep them safe. Whether you’re going for a floor standing or suspended heater, use a reputable service to buy them from and have them installed.

You’ll always want to have them serviced, too. Keep them on a schedule along with your boiler and gas using appliances. Use licensed professionals, as they will be able to spot anything that needs to be taken care of. That way, you know your heaters are both efficient and safe.

LPG commercial Manchester is a convenient and highly useful gas source. It’s perfect for home settings, and many commercial settings are reaping the benefits too. Ensure you’re getting the best from your LPG boiler by calling on us for installation and servicing.