Radiant tube heaters

Looking for a simple and effective heating system that can give you efficiency and genuine power of how much energy that you are using? Then radiant tube heaters are the perfect selection as your heating source for your commercial or industrial property. Unlike any typical warm air heating method, does not provide any kind of hot air to increase the heat in the room, and instead heats up everything in the room from the floor to the ceiling.

By surrounding everything in the room in a nice enveloping heat, they act as the ideal solution for anyone who needs to produce an environment that gets warm quickly and stays warm for the rest of the day.

It can make even the dullest of winter mornings feel as charming as a warm summer afternoon, creating a nice heat around the place that will really make the temperature outside seem quite shocking! For any business that already has radiant tube heaters installed, MPH Ltd can offer an efficient, easy to install and user-friendly method of getting your heating back to maximum running order and making sure that your place of work no longer has to suffer from a lack of heat during winter.

Key Features

  • Reduces heat loss in any room within the building by up to 80% – this alone will cut down your energy bills dramatically!
  • Various model types and brands available giving you flexibility in price
  • Unheated, gas, electrical and hot water systems all available for installation, servicing or repair
  • Ideal for large stores and warehouses, as well as factories and cold rooms
  • Complements warm air heating perfectly, helping to reduce the current running costs of warm air heating to try and reduce the loss that your receive on the coldest of winter days

Inefficiency can be a problem here if you don’t maintain the system, and we make sure that you have all the help that you need in keeping the hardware working at the highest possible levels and using a system that is going to be reliable for years to come.

At Direct gas heating, we guarantee to take proper care when working with your current systems, bringing them back up to 100% efficiency and working order and saving you huge sums of money annually.

If you would like to discuss a consultation for preparing, repairing or installing radiant tube heaters contact us, or give us a call.