Factory Warehouse Heating Installation/Servicing Manchester

 Your factory needs to have the right heating system set up, in order to keep it the right temperature. As colder temperatures are coming in, the factory needs to stay warm through the winter. What’s the best way to go about heating installation Manchester factory? Here’s what you need to know.

Types Of Factory Heating

Factory Warehouse Heating Installation Manchester If you’re looking to get new heating installed, then you’re facing some unique challenges. A factory space is large and open, making it difficult to distribute heat evenly. You need to ensure there won’t be any cold spots that can cause problems.

To do this, you have a couple of different options. Both warm air heating and radiant heating are often used in factories. How do they work?

Warm air heating: This warehouse heating system works by circulating warm air around the building. To do this, the warmed air is distributed around the room using a series of fans. When using these, it’s important that warm air is allowed to circulate freely. If you manage this, you shouldn’t find any cold spots in the factory.

Radiant heating: This is the other popular heating option for factories. Rather than using warm air and fans, the area is heated using radiant heaters. These are installed over the areas that require heat, and so you can more closely control the areas that are heated. They’re perfect for areas that are usually open, such as loading bays. They’re also well designed to offer instant heat in areas with no tall structures.

Destratification: If your factory has tall ceilings, you’re going to find there’s heat loss. After all, warm air rises, so you’ll see that heat rise and disappear. Destratification is the name of the system that will collect warm air from the top of the building, and recycle it back towards the factory floor where it’s needed.

You can pick the right heating for your building by consulting with us. With an inspection of your building, we’ll be able to see what kind of heating will keep your factory warm, and be the most energy efficient.


Servicing Your Heating

Once the heating has been installed, it should be serviced regularly. The better serviced the heating is, the better it will run. You don’t want your heating to break down in the middle of winter, possibly shutting operations down when it’s too cold to work. If that should happen, you’ll need to spend even more cash having the system fixed.

Before that happens, set up regular inspections and servicing with us. We’ll come out and check out all aspects of your heating system, and fix any problems we see. Regular servicing is crucial, as when problems are found earlier, they’re much easier to fix. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper for you.

When we come to handle your warehouse servicing Manchester, we’ll inspect areas such as the boilers, radiant tube heaters, warm air cabinets, top hat heaters, and more. All will be thoroughly inspected, and got up to full working order before being signed off on.


Benefits Of Heating Servicing 

There’s a lot of benefits to having your heating serviced by a certified engineer. These include:

Catch problems before they get worse: You’ll be able to stop any issues in their tracks. They’ll be caught before they can get worse and break down whole systems.

Keep the factory going: In the dead of winter you need that heating more than ever. When you have it serviced, you’ll be sure it’ll keep working all winter long to keep everyone warm. 

Save costs: It’s much cheaper to have the heating serviced than pay out a large repair bill. Stay on top of things now and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Update your systems: Over time, heating systems get old and outdated. An inspection and service will show you exactly what has become outdated, and what can be updated to make everything more efficient.

Having good heating in your factory or warehouse is essential. Use us to install and service your heating, so you’ll never have to feel the cold while you’re working. We’re experienced, quick and efficient, so you’ll have the best experience when you use our services.