Benefits Of Power Flushing

To put power flushing in the simplest of terms, it’s when the pipes of your house are cleaned thoroughly. There are a lot of benefits to having this done too so if you’re interested in having the procedure done, here are some benefits for you to keep in mind.

It helps prevent total boiler failure. If you can’t detect a problem with your boiler but it’s still using too much power and your pipes are way too hot, then it’s an issue caused by the sludge inside the pipes. It builds up and clogs the pipes and makes things messy. If you have a power flush performed then the pipes are left clean and everything flows properly. It’s also worth noting that if your boiler fails and breaks, and there’s no power flush on record, the warranty of the boiler is void. It’s important to have a power flush done at least once in the life time of your boiler to keep it in the best shape.

Saves you Money In The Long Run

Having a power flush done also decreases fuel wastage and helps keep your bills low. When the sludge in your pipes builds up power-flushingheat isn’t spread properly. As a result you turn the heating up more and more to compensate. That wastes fuel and it also drives your fuel bill up. The cost of a power flush is pretty small compared to the higher fuel bill you’ll end up playing as the sludge continues to accumulate and you turn the power up even more.

An effective power flush of your system stops valves from getting stuck and breaking completely. The sludge that clogs the pipes also causes valves to get stuck. If they’re left like that then they ultimately break down completely causing your radiators to not work properly or, in some cases, not work at all.

If you’re having trouble with your hot water then clogged pipes are usually the problem. Heat can’t move through clogged pipes and it causes problems. Getting the pipes cleaned means more hot water for you. Radiators end up going cold when there’s a lot of sludge too, so getting the pipes cleaned helps there as well. If you notice that your radiators are cold at the bottom, but hot at the top, then it’s an issue with the pipes and can be solved with a power flush of the system.

The sludge that builds up in the pipes and causes all these problems is a real issue. If left unchecked it causes the sludge to harden in the really hot areas of your heating system. This includes the boiler itself and your radiators. Scale like this is even more of a problem than sludge and can only be cleaned by a power flush.

Remember that even if you aren’t experiencing problems now you might still have sludge in your pipes that could become a problem down the line. If you don’t know for sure that your system is cleaned then getting it cleaned is a worthwhile venture. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to arrange a power flush for you. It usually only takes a couple of hours and with all these benefits, the only reason not to get one is if you’ve just had one.